Name: Bob Collina Sat Jan 31 17:29:38 2004

You may edit anything from this email, and post this online if you wish.

We have outsourced our clients' hosting needs since 1996. During this time we experienced less than desired tech support, high prices, etc.
We were recommended to TRK Hosting by a well-known computer specialist and owner of a very popular international newsletter who I understand is also using your services.
Your company offers excellent hosting plans, services and prices. Your technical support staff is outstanding, going over and above to help when assistance is needed. We have had only a few, minor glitches after placing over 50 clients on your servers and the majority of these were due to errors on our part.
It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your prompt attention to our questions and assisting us in a quick professional manner. It is truly appreciated and refreshing in this day and age.

Robert Collina
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Name: Merry Schiff Sun Feb 1 10:43:15 2004

You are the best!! I found you on recommendation from Fred Langa and am so pleased.

I have been with quite a few hosting services in the last 6 years or so and no one comes close to the service and support that you have given me. I was concerned about the transfer of my two sites and you told me. "Don't worry, I will take care of it" and you did and did it immediately. You also told me that service and support will never be compromised and I believe you after seeing how you handle your customers. (me)

Please feel free to use me anytime as a reference. I also need to say that this comment is totally unsolicited and that you are not twisting my arms in any way to write this.

You are unique in this industry, Tom. It is truly an honor to do business with you.

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Name: Steve Kecskes Tue Feb 3 16:28:06 2004

A while back, I was reading an article on LanglaList about him switching hosts to TRK Hosting. Being in the market for a new hosting company, since I was having support problems with the present company, I decided to switch also. I can't tell you how pleasantly suprised I was with the support I received with TRK. Their support and technical expertise are second to none.

Steve Kecskes
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Name: Jason Jersey Sat Feb 14 20:59:26 2004

TRK Hosting has been a vital tool to our growth as a company and has given myself uncompared technical support, and unbeleivable service. Tom Koch is awesome and if you need help he sure is the man to talk to. This guy is a 'Brainiac'. There has never been a question that I have asked Tom that has never been answered. He has the answer! Thanks a bunch. PEACE
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Name: Craig Frost Fri Mar 19 16:26:23 2004

I run a one-man web design company and have been using TRK Hosting since Aug. 2003. I have used many different hosting companies since 1999 and have horror stories like anyone else. There have been a few issues here and there with TRK Hosting like any hosting service but Tom is always quick to fix it. Just wanted to add my thumbs up here. Keep up the great support. That is always the key to success.
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Name: Brett Kantor Wed May 12 05:30:31 2004

Hi Tom,
Great new default Cpanel, seems much faster than before. I must put on record how happy I am with your service. When I look back at the last few months I see a host of improvements. You have installed custom modules for me, upgraded and refined my account at no extra cost, and spent hours answering my queries. I am just getting into some of the default options like phpchat, and it installed and ran at the click of a button.

Really- with the amount of domains I now host with my reseller account I cant imagine a better value or higher quality service.
Thanks very much.
Feel free to use my unreserved endorsement

Kind Regards

Brett Howard Kantor

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Name: Dan Kramer Thu May 13 15:09:58 2004

I am impressed with the level of personalized service I receive from TRK Hosting. I am a very demanding customer with a lot of "extra" requests. Tom consistently goes "above and beyond" what I would normally expect from a hosting company. TRK Hosting gets an A+ in my book!
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Name: Crystal Lynn Sun May 23 11:27:42 2004

TRK Hosting truley has a one of a kind support team.
When ever I have a question about something, TRK Hosting always has the answer.
As far as I am concerned TRK Hosting is where my company will remain for now on.
Thanks TRK Hosting!
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Name: Chase Heizinger Thu Jun 10 17:55:02 2004

Excellent Service! Two thumbs up.
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Name: Bekki Bouvet Wed Jul 28 12:57:59 2004

I had read about TRK Hosting in the Langa Plus newsletter. I was looking to transfer 3 domains from
other hosting companies and decided to check out TRK Hosting. After talking to Tom I knew it was the hosting company I wanted to take my domains.
With Tom's excellent help and insight on how to straighten out problems with other hosting companies we managed to get them transferred.

I would recommend TRK Hosting to anyone and everyone.

He has the patience & personal touch to help anyone
who has questions or problems( which I had plenty questions & Tom needed more patience than the norm) about or with their website.
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Name: B. Darlington Tue Aug 17 09:56:38 2004

Thanks Tom!

You continue to provide *platinum* level service! I think your customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced anywhere, anytime, in every industry I've ever had contact with. If you ever raise your rates, you can count on me happily forking out the extra $. You really are the best!

Best Regards, B. Darlington
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Name: Fred Langa Thu Jan 27 08:19:57 2005

Almost exactly a year ago, I moved the Langa.Com site to ; an affordable, high-quality web hosting service. The owner, Tom Koch, is an extremely knowledgeable guy who's bent over backwards to keep the Langa.Com server humming--- not an easy task, given the huge mail load that flows through the server, and the feast/famine cycle caused by the twice-weekly appearance of this newsletter.

There have been glitches--- there are with any web host--- but I've never seen anyone work as hard to make things right as does Tom. He's the diametric opposite of the lazy, bored, disaffected techs you so often run into at hosting sites.

If you're unhappy with your current web host, or even if your just getting started with a web site (Tom also has free tutorials for people just getting into web hosting), check it out: . Highly recommended!
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Name: Don Devine Thu Jan 27 08:22:52 2005

I am here to say that from my experience with Tom, he treats everyone to the same excellent service. Even us "little guys." I couldn't be happier
with TRKHosting.

Don Devine
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Name: Lee Pilzer Fri Feb 4 14:38:37 2005

I have been given great advice on many occasions, but the recent recommendation of TRK Hosting and Tom
Koch has been the best sofar.
We had another hosting company in mind for our non-profit organization's Web site and were about to sign-up with them. We changed our plans and are DELIGHTED that we did.
Yes, TRK offered us a better deal than the company we were about to use, but that's only money. What we now have with TRK is something that no other company can offer: Tom Koch.
Even the high praise that I was given doesn't do him justice, as ythere wasn't any mention his great kindness, his sincere desire to help, and his extraordinary patience.
Although we chose TRK's least expensive hosting plan, Tom treated us as though we were his best customer. Indeed, I can't imagine that anybody gets better service!
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Name: Raymond Giannamore Thu Jun 9 11:08:19 2005

On August 23, 2002 I dropped a complementary note concerning TRK hosting to Fred Langa at Langa List.

Dear Fred,
you gave us a great heads up on TRK hosting service. It was uncomplicated to purchase hosting from Tom Koch because of Tomís attention too detail, knowledge of product, and most importantly his personal ssistance. The time and help he provides goes unmatched in the industry today. I had a zillion questions and he responded to all of them. If anyone is looking for a hosting service at a reasonable price go with TRK. It is effortless to do business with TRK because of Tomís technical support.

Now almost three years later I would be remiss if I did not praise the work of TRK. Once again It has been a pleasure to work with TRK on my web site. Tom takes the time to understand what I want and to perform the task in a time frame that is extremely reasonable I.E within the hour at times. His answers are succinct, understandable, and consistent with my expectations.

Hats Off To TRK and Tom Koch

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Name: Chris Johnson Thu Jul 21 16:21:19 2005

It is my pleasure to tell you about the excellent service and support we have received from TRK Hosting. The response times are unusually fast, the competency is excellent, the ####istance is all times of the day or night. We have used various hosting services, including some of the biggest names. In 2000, we built our own facility.

We have since switched all hosting to TRK and have found it to be an excellent business decision on our part. We are no longer a large company and pay an almost embar####ing low fee each month, which cannot possibly pay for the great service we receive.

We appreciate Fred Langa for talking about TRK Hosting in his column, since that is found TRK. We were almost signed up with a different hosting service but found out about TRK just in time.

We have been delighted with his service. I only wish that we had known about TRK years ago. There is so much hype from so many of the hosting services. Most of them are only resellers. And the big services are frankly hard to deal with at times and certainly do not provide the level of service that we get at TRK. Our thanks to Tom and TRK Hosting!
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Name: Raeann Fri Sep 2 11:02:00 2005

I am a novice and if it were not for TRK I would never have a website. Great Help at a reasonable price. Attaboy Tom
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Name: Tom Richardson Fri Dec 23 20:05:03 2005

Hey Tom, Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your support. You helped me get through a crisis situation with my Server4You server going down (for days!). With your help, I was able to convert all my sites and email to your servers in a matter of hours. Thanks again! Tom Richardson
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Name: Carlo Volpi Thu Jan 19 11:11:20 2006

TRK is Tom and Tom is TRK. Nothing can better explain why this is a beautiful sunny island in the troubled Internet ocean.
Tom cares. Tom is there when you need him. Tom is concise, sometimes compressed you would say. Tom knows, knows a lot. Tom, if properly stimulated, even has a great sense of humor.
Our company is spread over three continents with customers and suppliers in the remaining two as well. We live through our website and all the services we find at TRK Hosting.
TRK gives us a lot. Ok, we pay for it, but it's great value for money. Especially now that I am getting one free month for this comment! I'm just kidding, Tom.. ;-)
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Name: Casper Stockham Thu Sep 13 05:35:58 2007

We have a Dedicated Server with TRK hosting and have been with TRK and Tom for over 1 1/2 years now. We have NEVER received better and more prompt service than we have with TRK. Tom is very helpful and has gone out of his way many times to help us with our very demanding server needs.

Even when the problem is with another part of the Internet Tom will tell us where to look and sometimes he has even gone there himself to fix the problem. In the ever changing Internet world of hosting TRK and Tom are one of a kind and as long as TOM and TRK are here DataBlaze will be with them. Keep up the great work Tom!

Casper Stockham
303 699-9432
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